Five Reasons Why Women Should Workout!

Why Women Need Exercise More Than Men: 5 Important Reasons To Start Exercising Now:

 It’s not news that we need to exercise. Everyone benefits from staying active, strengthening their muscles, and keeping their bodies in good shape. And while people will argue about which kind of exercises are the best (cardio vs. strength training and so on), at the end of the day, the most important fact is that you exercise. Period. New studies, however, and showing how important it is for women in particular to exercise. Women, whose bodies are taxed in general more than men’s due to things like pregnancy and menstrual cycles, should be even more inclined to exercise regularly, even on those days when motivation can be lacking. Here are five important things for women of all ages to consider when thinking about starting a regular exercise routine:

1. Regular exercise helps women maintain emotional and psychological health:

Women’s lives in general can be more stressful, balancing more things at once then most men. Psychologically, women’s brains are also more complex, causing them to feel emotions more intensely and regularly. Regular exercise can help relieve stress, an important part of living a long, happy life.

2. Strength training can help women prevent bone issues later in life:

Women are more prone to develop osteoporosis then men. Several studies now show that strength training can help keep bones healthy, preventing degeneration. Even if women start weight training later in life, they are still greatly benefiting the health of their bones.

3. Cardio exercise helps women maintain heart health and reduces certain cancer risks:

Keeping the heart healthy is a huge benefit of exercise. Women who do regular exercises that strengthen their cardiovascular system are less likely to develop heart disease and colon cancer.

 4. Beneficial exercise can be as simple as a daily walk:

Exercising doesn’t have to be difficult or cost a lot of money. Even something as easy as a 20-minute walk every day can help women keep their bones, muscles, and minds healthy.

 5. Daily exercises can help women live longer and with more autonomy:

Women who exercise are less likely to experience injuries from daily activities later in life. Preventing these types of accidents can help women live on their own longer, increasing their life-span and their quality of life.

 The most important part about starting an exercise routine is that you commit to sticking with it. The long-term benefits of exercise for women are increased significantly when you incorporate healthy movement into your daily life. Women that are most successful in creating new habits are those that find a community, like a gym, a group of friends, or family members, who join them regularly. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of accountability from someone you know to keep you motivated!


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