Our Team

  • Maz
    Maz Founder

    Maz, is the founder & managing director of FORM, and a NCCA accredited Personal Trainer certified by ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). He is a former corporate official with 15 years of involvement in sports, health and fitness/wellness industry. He is a considerable authority and certified in preparing fitness programs for post-rehabilitation, pre- and post-natal and pre- and post-surgery clients as well as for those wishing to focus on weight reduction or with unique physical conditions, for example hypertension, diabetes, cancer patients, coronary illness patients, and so on. He also is experienced in developing amateur clients for marathons and other long distance or intermediate running goals.

  • Pern
    Pern Trainer

    Pern is a certified personal and group trainer, serving weight loss exercises and other health and fitness training for all ages in Bangkok

    Her mission has been to improve the quality of life for each and every one of her clients through professional health and fitness training and dedicated personal support.

    You’ll never get bored by doing the same old exercises over and over again without seeing any real lasting results. When you train with Pern, you’ll always be keeping your body guessing and zooming past those plateaus by using a variety of exercises each and every time you enter the fitness studio.

  • Wirintorn
    Wirintorn Physiotherapist

    Wirintorn is a certified physiotherapist from Chiang Mai University. She has 10 years of experience of working in both government and private institutions. Wirintorn has worked as a Clinical Instructor and Hippotherapy Instructor at Chiang Mai University. She is certified in both Head Neck disorder Management and Basic Lymphatic Drainage and specialises in Musculoskeletal Systems and Neurological and Rehabilitation.