Physiotherapy & Rehab

Form Fitness and Rehab is Thailand’s first fitness and rehab clinic. We are dedicated to helping people live normal and pain free lives. By building a clinic where our physiotherapists work closely with our highly qualified personal trainers, we are able to take the best of both worlds and provide our clients with the optimal recovery program. This includes manual techniques, ultrasound therapy as well as various forms of physical exercise to restore strength and mobility.

Here at Form Fitness and Rehab, we are able to treats various pain conditions which include:

  • Arthritis
  • Back and neck pain
  • Balance problems
  • Elbow and arm pain
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Headache and migraine
  • Knee pain
  • Ligament sprain
  • Muscle tear
  • Posture analysis and treatment
  • Shoulder pain

 How does it work?

With only 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Book a free consultation. During this appointment, our in house physiotherapist will ask you a series of questions and when appropriate, perform basic assessment exercises to better understand your pain.

Step 2. Our physiotherapist will work closely with our Head Coach, an ACSM qualified personal trainer, to develop a personalised recovery plan program to help you get back to living a pain free life.

Step 3. Begin your recovery!